Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Life Motto

Everyone seems to have a motto they live by:

"Always smile." "Be kind to others." Or famous quotes that they apply to their life.

 As I was showering this morning, I had an epiphany (because the shower is where all great epiphanies happen). My life motto wasn't so great or amazing words for people to live by, but they sure apply to everything in my life:

"Let's just see. Let's just try it."

Everything that has brought something important to my life has came about after I have uttered these words, usually with everyone around me shaking their heads or telling me "no!" I have a habit of ignoring those or doing the exact opposite of what other's think I should do. Apparently I will never grow out of this rebellious behavior, but I'm embracing it. So, fair warning to those who come into my life.

I've applied these words when I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. "Let's just try it out," I said to myself.

I apply these words to parenting, when I need a new idea or way of disciplining.

I apply these words to numerous crafts, recipes, daycare activities, and my business.

I've applied these words when things aren't going smoothly and I need a new outlook on things.

I've used these words and we've taken ourselves on great adventures and random road trips.

I've applied it while driving down the road only to be met with a 'Road Closed' sign to which I say "let's just try this way. Let's just see." Fyi-it's led us on numerous interesting adventures and detours, which is why my husband insists on driving and using the GPS. So boring.

These words don't always work out for me. There's been a lot of mishaps, heartbreaks, and unfortunate events along the way. But for every bad experience uttering this phrase has brought me, it's given me important lessons (or simple lessons, like how much baking powder is too much in a cake recipe) and even better experiences later on.

I'm no longer attempting to live by someone else's quotes, phrases, or mottoes and apply them to my life. Occasionally they provide inspiration when needed, but my real inspiration comes from within. This year, I'm finally embracing my own words and giving it my all when I say them.

"Let's just see. Let's just try it."

What quotes, phrases, mottoes, or inspirational words do you live by?