Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week In Review: January 12 - January 14

Rolling this week out late due to my trip to Arizona (post to soon follow on that). It was only a 3 day daycare week. The kids spent majority of their time building Lego's, but they did make some time for sensory activities and a couple of cute crafts!

Kinetic sand in the new sensory table given to us by Harrison's preschool. The table does an excellent job of keeping the messes more contained!

Dress up with adult coats....Daddy should really learn to put his stuff away or the kiddos get into it!
Water beads. The sensory table isn't water proof so the beads stay in a Sterilite container. These beads will be making an appearance next week for "Frozen" Day.
While painting toilet paper roll snowmen, Elizabeth painted her toe nails.
The egg carton and toilet paper roll snowmen turned out adorable!
My favorite project of the week: the paper plate snowmen. We went through a lot of glue, so we switched to tape. I cut out hats shapes using black construction paper. The kids taped two white paper plates together. Then we made hand prints using black paint. While those dried, the kids glued on googly eyes, button noses, and beads for the mouth. The snowmen buttons were beads that spelled each child's name. When the snowmen were completely done, the kiddos clapped their hands and said "I'm a snowman now!" That's a project success!

Next week we'll be having a "Frozen" Day and starting in our Valentine's projects!