Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Polar Ice Table

With chilly temps and snowfall hitting our state (that'd be the great state of Iowa), it was only appropriate that daycare did an ice cold sensory activity: a Polar Ice Table.

Everything was quite simple and cheap: Polar bears found at Walmart ($1.99 for a dozen), a seal, penguin, and polar bear from Fisher-Price Little People Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo, cold water, and ice cubes (some dyed with food coloring).

I used shaped ice cube trays (such as these: 3 Silicone Ice Tray Star Shaped Cube Mold) and 1.5 quart pans (filled halfway) for the larger ice cubes.

The kids of all ages (2 - 7) thoroughly enjoyed playing in the very chilly water. When little hands got cold we broke out the mittens and the playing continued. This was great for the younger kids as they visibly watched the ice melt and felt the water gradually get warmer. It was also a great reminder for the older kids who asked "why is this ice melting away??!!!?!" Apparently it was a great (and fun!) learning activity for all!