Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week In Review: May 27 - May 30

A short, busy, fun week! Here's a look:

Painting with the new glitter paints (bought at Michael's for $5 for a pack of 6 colors). They also used these on the patio for Patio Painting and left my patio completely glittery--or "pretty sparkly" as the kids say.

Painting gets a bit messy with this little mini.
We got the bounce house out for the first time this season. The kids spent a good 3 hours jumping!
We did lots of snack times outside. Fresh strawberries, raspberries, and watermelon make the perfect morning snacks.
The kids played "restaurant vacation." I'm still rather confused by this, but from what I gather by watching them, they packed every bag they had in the playroom, brought it to the table that served as both a restaurant and a car for their vacation. This play kept them entertained for over an hour.
Found a doll sitting on the potty one afternoon.
Totally normal for this house: sitting on the potties watching cartoons.
All day outside sensory play: Makin' Mud Pies. See post for details:
Trike races in the backyard.
Trying to figure out how to swing herself by kicking her legs.
Picnic lunch on the living room floor.
The kid's Lady Bug Land arrived. The kids have LOVED watching the ants and the eggs transform into lady bugs. The boys are trying to talk me into getting a tadpole so they can watch it turn into a frog.
Elizabeth loves playing hide n' seek. Can you find her???
Max was thrilled to celebrate his birthday a bit early at school. He got to bring Oreo's and pass out his birthday party invites. To top off his "totally awesome day" Max brought home yet another award, this time for literacy. Beyond proud of my oldest mini--he rocked kindergarten this year!
Our first round of patio painting! There were some very messy feet and legs afterward.

We also had our first injury of the summer: Harrison was running with a dump truck when he flipped himself over it and face planted into the cement. The first of many injuries this summer I'm sure!
The kids got to help clean out the fish tank and feed the fish.
Quesedillas and rice are always a big hit with the kids for lunch, but I was rather surprised to see that the kids loved the slices of peppers I put on their plates. All of the kids at least tried a bite of the peppers, but several of them at them all.
I bought a package of Melissa and Doug's Draw a Face a couple of weeks ago. I have very much enjoyed watching the kid's face drawing skills come along and the details they attempt to draw on the faces.
The kids doing their Letter Fishing activity.
The giraffe pool lost it's battle with the looked a little sad. A big shout out to Grandma and Grandpa Harmeyer for providing a hard sided pool for the kiddies to use!
The best big brother in the world lifting Elizabeth up in her swing, buckling her, and pushing her.
Elizabeth using the Wheelie's ramp as her personal slide.
Stamp markers.
Working on hand-eye coordination with lacing beads and lacing shapes.

My aunt gave us these sea creatures when she retired from teaching and we use them for so many activities! On this day, the kids used them for counting, making patterns, and sorting colors. Next week we'll be using them to make shapes with the play dough.
A good portion of our week was spent playing in the backyard.
The kids spent an entire morning playing Starbucks with cups and sand. The kids ordered things like "a white chocolate mocha" "an extra sweet strawberry mocha" "a rolley poley coffee" and my favorite said by Harrison "a grande iced mocha frappucino.....well no a large iced mocha frappucino. My kids woke up too early this morning!"
The kids fed the birds in the front yard bread (we have several cardinal nests in our front bushes) and then used the bird book to identify the different birds eating the bread.
Harrison tried to catch a "new ant for our ant farm."
A hot and humid Friday afternoon required the little pool go from ball pit to swimming pool. The kids were trying to "eat each other" with the deflated giraffe head.
Elizabeth isn't a big fan of little pools so she chilled in the cozy coupe.
We've been spending so much time in the backyard that we had to make a time out spot outside. Once again, only in this house.

Next week there will be lots of outside time, painting, several sensory activities, a new sensory sandbox theme, and a pizza party!