Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bubble Day

It's no secret that kids love bubbles, which is why we devoted an entire day (okay, so more like 5 hours, but that's a pretty good chunk of our day) to bubbles. The kids blew bubbles, painted with bubbles, and did their new favorite Bubble Pool. Here's a look at what 5 hours of happily entertained children looks like:

The new bubble machine made the bubbles fly all over the backyard. The kids chased and jumped right after them for a good amount of time.

Each child got their own container of bubbles to blow. I was pleasantly surprised that no one decided to blow their bubbles on another child.

After a while of bubble blowing, the kids got creative and climbed up into the eagles nest so the kids could get their "bubbles really, really, really, high."

Bubble Painting. We used Crayola bubbles for this activity (some mom's have said they've stained their kid's clothes, but I've never had an issue with them). The kids had to get close so the bubbles would pop onto the paper. We've done bubble painting before indoors and doing this outside is much more fun. Unfortunately, as we've found in the past, the bubble barely show any color on the paper once they've dried. The kids still love Bubble Painting and did a great job taking turns.

A different kind of bubble blowing. I took regular bubbles and added food coloring so each child had a different color. I added a straw and had them blow. There were a lot of brightly colored bubbles being blown. We got lucky because not one kid tried to drink the bubbles instead of blowing.

After a quick lunch, the kids played for over an hour in the bubble pool (water and hypoallergenic Dawn dish soap). The bubble pool has been the "it" activity this summer.....accompanied by a not so "it" water bill!

We've been doing a lot of water activities lately and our backyard is super muddy. The kids slipped in the mud a lot hopping in and out of the soapy pool.

This was our stickiest theme days yet (kids blowing their own bubbles....enough said), but the soapy bubble pool took the stickiness away.....and left them muddy! Our next messy theme day: Cookie Day, complete with a cookie party.