Saturday, June 14, 2014

Week In Review: June 9 - June 13

Lots and lots of outside time sums up our week. We had a couple of theme days, a few pretty good yelling matches and fights that ended with all of the kids lined up in a row facing the fence "thinking about" their behavior, and the rest of our time was spent running around the backyard. Here are a few highlights from our week:

It was time to release the lady bugs (our Lady Bug Land somehow grew mold--gross!). The kids were slightly confused (even the two 6 year olds) as to why the lady bugs needed to be released despite discussing this life cycle for weeks. One child put it this way: "they runned away! All the lady bugs runned away from me!" As upset as the kids were to say goodbye to our lady bugs, they enjoyed "catching them" in their hands. The lady bugs didn't go far from their Land the first day they were released so the kids easily caught them and let them crawl all over them.

The kids had so much fun re-catching the lady bugs that we got out the rest of our bug catching supplies. Of course, as soon as the net came out, one child threw it over the Lady Bug Land and exclaimed "I caught the whole thing!"

Morning snack time went along wonderfully for our bug catching morning: Worms in Dirt Cups. The kids LOVED this snack! Thank you to the daycare mommy for providing them for all of the kids! It was really cute to see: all of the kids happily thanked the little girl who brought them.

The "big kids" have been hard at work on worksheets and work books during the little kids nap times.
Feeding the birds in the front yard.
Playing with slime.
Monday afternoon my 3 mini's and Grandma and Grandpa Harmeyer took in a baseball game.
While getting painting activities ready for our Painting Day on evening, the boys, hubby, and myself had an impromptu water balloon fight. Best night ever! As sad as I get about my babies growing up, this was one of those times I love them getting older because of the things they're able to do now.
Painting Day was a huge success. Read more here:
Snuggles from big bro. Little Miss E is thrilled to have her boys home this summer with her.
Grandma and Grandpa Sheaffer brought Elizabeth's birthday present over. All 3 kids are loving it!

Busy week required a mid-week shopping/decompressing evening. I scored these shirts for my kids for our weekend adventures.
Pizza Parlor Day. Read more here:
Max had his allergy testing mid-week as well. Read more about his second round of allergy testing:

Playing gas station. Elizabeth kept filling up her belly button, saying "gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp."
We very rarely let the kids eat cereal for breakfast because it doesn't keep them full for very long. One morning this week, I caved and did a cereal bar for the kids. They informed me it was the best breakfast they've ever had.....I'll try to keep that in mind next time I make a full home cooked hot breakfast.
Elizabeth put her new chair on top of the play table, sat in it and announced "I petty. Picture" then hammed it up for the camera.

The kids had spent all week running around the backyard so I decided to bring an art activity outside to them. I drew strawberries (apparently not great because the kids thought they were carrots), had the older kids cut them out, and then all of the kids decorated them with Dot Markers at the picnic table.

Elizabeth reading Max's Batman books. Max has been reading a lot on his own, but occasionally he'll come up and ask me what a word is. Elizabeth has picked up on this, so whenever she looks at books she comes up and asks me what the word is. Monkey see, monkey do!

It was a very busy week! We've got all outdoor activities planned for next week once again, including a Field Day and a sprinkler day. I have a feeling I'll have some very exhausted and tan kids on my hands after this week.