Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sprinkler Day

How do you keep cool on a hot June day when the heat index is almost at 100??? With sprinklers of course! Running through sprinklers as a kid was one of my favorite ways to keep cool. In preparation for Sprinkler Day, I headed to Wal-Mart to get several types of sprinklers for the kids to run through:

The Beach Ball sprinkler we had and the Wiggling Water Sprinkler was a birthday gift for the kids. The other 3 sprinklers and water grenades I got at Wal-Mart (all of the cheapest sprinklers they had in case the kids managed to break them).

I thought for sure the kids would have a blast running and jumping through the different sprinklers but this was by far their least favorite theme day so far (it didn't help that the morning was thrown off by not having any power). The kids stuck with it, mostly at my urging, and tried out each sprinkler. Their favorite sprinkler was the Wiggling Water Sprinkler, however that had to be cut short when they started grabbing the wigglers and shoving them in each other's eyes....thus bringing Sprinkler Day to a close.

Had they enjoyed this Sprinkler Day, the 5 sprinklers and the water grenades (which now sit in the basement awaiting a water day because they never got around to being used on Sprinkler Day) this would have kept them busy for a full day. While it seemed to be a very off day for the kids (like very, very off day complete with several daycare time outs for all of the older kids and new safety rules being made...yes, it was that kind of a day), there were a few good times in there:

A couple of pictures that put an end to Sprinkler Day.....they grabbed the wigglers and shoved them in each other's faces, which of course means the other kids had to join in too despite being told not to do that....and all of the kids started crying because they had water in their eyes.

I have a suspicion that Sprinkler Day was not a hit due to bad attitudes and misbehaving, so a do-over is definitely in the plans for later this summer. For now, unfortunately, the sprinklers aren't coming out due to their behavior that day.