Friday, June 13, 2014

Painting Day

Continuing with our theme days this summer, Tuesday was deemed Painting Day. I had several unique painting activities that the kids enjoyed throughout the day. First up:

Preparation for Painting Day took a good portion of the night prior. The hubs filled water balloons and squirt guns and I made sure I had plenty of paint and poster board on hand......yes, I totally gave him the raw end of the deal.

Water Balloon Painting

The only way to get the paint in the balloons was to fill them partially with water (and don't suggest the method that's all over Pinterest....those fools are choking on paint because they're blowing the water balloon up a bit, putting paint in and repeat. No thank you on that.
The kids LOVED throwing the water balloons and watching them explode, however the paint did not show up on the paper. My oldest discovered that if you popped a balloon with your hands the paint gets everywhere. Since the paint refused to show up, we gave up on the Water Balloon Painting and I let the kids throw the water balloons at the brick in the back of our yard. They were in heaven!

The only thing to show up on the poster boards was the glitter from the red glitter paint we used.

Squirt Gun Painting

The kids loved squirt gun painting! I used metallic paint (found at Michael's for $5 for six bottles) and water so that paint wouldn't be too thick to move through the water gun tubing. This worked wonderfully and the pictures turned out awesome! Extra bonus: the kids DID NOT squirt each other with the paint.

The kids loved squirt gun painting so much (and we had lots of paint left in the squirt guns), so we tried it a couple of different ways.

Medicine Dropper Painting

This was a surprise painting hit and had me filling up the paint cups with neon paint again and again.

Kool Aid Painting

Kool Aid painting was last summer's "it" activity so of course it's on the agenda for this summer. This time around, the kids asked if they could try the paint (it's a homemade recipe of flour, cornstarch, water, and Kool Aid) "because it smells soooo good!" I told them it was safe, they eagerly stuck their fingers in, and then gagged for the next 10 minutes. After that they lost interest in the paint.

Wiffle Ball Painting:

Since the kids lost interest in Kool Aid painting on the patio after they taste tested it, I had tons of Kool Aid paint leftover. Doing a quick scan of the yard, I noticed a pile of wiffle balls. So we put two unused things to use, however the kids liked this painting activity the least because it got their hands too messy (odd children, I know!).

The Outcomes:

Another awesome themed day for Summer 2014!