Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Field Day #2

The first Field Day last week was such an exhausting success (read more here: that we began our week with Field Day #2. This time around the kids did sack races, bags, soccer, ring toss, tug of war, and sprinkler races. The kids had a great time and another round of long afternoon naps followed their busy morning.

The sack races were the kid's favorite activity from Field Day #2. They raced numerous times and even asked for another round of races after naps.

The kids did a really great job taking turns at playing bags. We played this game several times this past winter (yes, in the living room), so the kids knew how to play already. We've been using this pool noodle as a no crossing line and a finish line lately in our activities and it's worked the best at having the kids understand these concepts. Looks like I'll be stock piling pool noodles at the end of the season!
We took a break from competing and ate some strawberries.....and by some I mean 4 lbs.! 
I taught the kids a bit about soccer. This was almost as entertaining as teaching them kick ball during our last Field Day, but the kids actually grasped the concept of soccer much better than kick ball (I'm guessing it was because there were no bases to run for soccer!). We did have a few instances of the goalie picking up the net and lifting it in the air so the kicker couldn't get it into the net, but once we settled it that the net had to remain on the ground, the game went quite smoothly. I was very impressed at how accurately this kids could kick the soccer ball.

The most challenging game of the day: Ring Toss. I bought this set in the Target Dollar Section (it glows in the dark) and the rings are VERY tiny. I'm not the most coordinated person, but I couldn't easily get a ring on. However, the kids kept trying and trying until one ring made it on.

The one ring that made it on deserved it's own picture since the kids tried for over a half hour to get one on!
An oldie but goody: Tug of war! This was the most entertaining game of the day for me to watch, but it quickly became all of the kids being pulled around by Max. I was very surprised there were no cases of rope burn afterward.

A picnic lunch.
The last activity of the day: Sprinkler Races. They ran, hopped, and skipped through the sprinkler for 45 minutes.

These Field Day's have been such a hit with the kids that Field Day #3 is in the works already!