Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week In Review: June 23 - June 27

Quite the busy week: playing outside, enjoying the new swing set, theme days, coloring, and, basically, a typical week for a young child. Here are some of the highlights from the week:

Packing up the shopping cart to play "babies going on a shopping vacation." My 2 year old did the honors of packing up the shopping cart.
Playing in on the new swing set. We've got strict swing set rules for the next few weeks, until the kids get use to it and learn the safety rules. The pool noodle on the ground shows the where to make a line for the slide and where NOT to walk when someone is swinging. So far the kids have done a great job learning and listening to the "swing rules" and have loved playing on it!
"Cheese mom!" says 2 year old Elizabeth.
The kids made up a game to play (I still don't understand it despite the game being explained to me numerous times) that included saying the Pledge of Allegiance in the middle of the game (the older kids taught the younger kids). This is one of the many reasons I love watching the kids grow and learn and explore.

The robins nest is right by the back door on the patio. The nest and birds kept the kids quite entertained. I was relieved the birds didn't dive bomb the kids who constantly ran up screaming at the birds sitting on the eggs.
Play Doh
I drew beach balls and the kids colored them in.
A pancake bar for breakfast one morning: chocolate chip chip pancakes and berry pancakes.

Field Day #2 was an exhausting good time. Read details here: and more about the first Field Day here:
Putting the finishing touches on the new swing set.
The kids helped make colored pasta.

Max finished up with his summer Math and Reading program at school. He's already counting down the days until 1st grade.
Matt took Max and Elizabeth to see the Saylorville spillway (it's quite full due to the large amount of rainfall lately). Harrison got into trouble and didn't get to go (I stayed home with him), but he suddenly takes my disciplining very seriously!

Bubble Day was a sticky fun mess. Read more here:
The kids heard rain was in the forecast so they felt the need to get out the umbrellas.
Lately I've been drawing things on poster board and I've been having the kids 4+ practice their cutting skills. It's gone pretty smoothly (no fingers getting cut off--woo-hoo!), but on this day, the suns took a pretty big chop.

The kids had a much easier time cutting out the bat and ball. Coloring these sparked the idea for a baseball game from some of the kids. T-ball may have to be worked into the next Field Day.
I kept the kids pretty busy this week, as Harrison makes evident by falling asleep on the living room floor during story time.
I got this on clearance at Michael's. The kids loved seeing their coloring's transformed by water.

Another Michael's clearance score: brightly colored canvases that the kids colored with oil pastels.
The kids have been coloring lots of pictures and coming up with some pretty inventive stories about what their pictures were. I was told this was a picture of "a house pooping. With trees, and grass, and water, and a bathroom. There's poop too."
The kids got creative with their "Make a Man" (found a Michael's).
The last of the cake decorating for June.
Puzzle Day was great for a rainy Friday! See details here:
The kids colored in their Ninja Turtles.

Next week will be a very short daycare week (throw your hands up and shout "only 3 days!!"), but I'll be keeping the kids very busy with a Cookie Shop Day and our 4th of July party.