Monday, June 2, 2014

Sensory Sandbox: Pool Party

So far this spring, we've had a Dino-land and a Safari-land in our sandbox. The latest in our sensory sandbox series: a Little People Pool Party.

The only thing I bought for this was the Barbie Glam Pool for $9 on Amazon. Everything else I raided toys and art supplies for. The Pool was a super easy set up and I'm sure we'll get use out of this in the future as well.

I used foam rectangles (like the kind you use with the foam stickers. I found these at Dollar Tree for a pack of 20) cut in half and drink umbrellas. We have an insane amount of Little People around so I just pulled a few from the top of the LP bin. Those quarter balls from Old Navy (the ones I bribe my children with to behave) are finally getting some use as beach balls (although I fully expect them to get thrown around the backyard as well).

The boys instantly started playing with this and requested that I buy some Barbie's to go along with it. The boys added a few palm trees we had in the dino bucket and a beach Wheelie to the sand box. The approval test from my minis received 5 stars for this sensory sand box (and kept them busy for over an hour). We'll have to see later this week how the daycare kids enjoy it.