Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend: Lets Have A Little Fun

We had LOTS of fun activities this weekend that kept us go, go, going! Our weekend went something like this: Max's school's Family Fun Night, first farmer's market of the year, coffee shop talk, Pella Wildlife Academy, lunch, naps for the 3 minis (laundry for me), errand running, Cinco de Mayo celebration in Valley Junction, backyard playing, margaritas on the patio, bubble blowing, more errands, Star Wars Day (May the 4th) celebration at the Science Center, more backyard playing, grilling, and ended our fun filled weekend with a nice long Sunday evening walk. Needless to say, we're all exhausted from our adventuring this weekend.

Max's Family Fun Night at school. The school provided dinner and a nutrition table filled with fresh fruits and veggies, lots of games and prizes, and Dairy Queen sold blizzards. The boys went to Fun Night with face paint on (courtesy of daycare's last activity for the day) and almost every child they past asked them where they "got that super cool face paint done???" Matt and I had to step in and disappoint several children when we informed them there was no face painting at Fun Night. Ooops!

Elizabeth had a better time than the boys at Fun Night. She happily jumped right into playing games, finding anyone with a baby, and talking to the other kids.

Saturday was the first downtown Farmer's Market of the year. The kids got there usual train ride, pop corn, yummy bakery items, and ate their goodies while listening to the bands play. Daddy had to ride the train with Elizabeth (I don't trust her to stay sitting!)--looks like he had as much fun as the kids despite being squeezed in the barrel!

Princess Popcorn for the little (moody) princess.
While eating our treats, I looked down at the boy's feet only to see their mismatched socks. When I asked them why they didn't put on the matching socks I had laid out for them, they informed me this look was way better.
When Elizabeth saw me taking a picture of Harrison's feet, there was nearly a massive meltdown until I took a picture of her "pitty blue feet" (which in Elizabeth speak, means her pretty blue shoes).

After the farmer's market, we had enough time to kill to stop by a coffee shop, relax, and get caffeinated.
Car dancing to "Best Day of My Life" while waiting at the bank. 

Walking and talking to the cougar at Pella Wildlife Academy in Merle Hay Mall.
We scored sombreros from Nobbies for our daycare fiesta on Monday. The boys got a kick out of these huge sombreros.

We got the sombreros and off we went to the Cinco de Mayo celebration in Valley Junction. We got dinner, watched Mexican dancers dance in authentic costumes, and listened to Mexican music. The boys have been asking a lot of questions lately about my grandpa Brownie (he was Mexican) so I thought it was perfect to take the kids to his favorite celebration that he went to every year. I took the opportunity to show them things that he liked, bought them toys from Mexico, and told them stories about my grandpa.

Of course we go to a Mexican celebration and my kids eat pizza! Hubs and I tried Taco Andrea's and it was wonderful!
These two had a good game of hide n' seek/chase going in the backyard.
Margaritas on the patio.....while a child runs by.

Don't mind us, this is how we run our errands.
The boys spent Sunday afternoon at the Science Center celebrating Star Wars Day, May the 4th (I refuse to add the "be with you" at the end). The boys wouldn't get pictures with the Star Wars characters, but talked all about them all night long.

The boys went to the Science Center to build Lego's.....because they never do that at home.

While the boys played at the Science Center, Elizabeth napped and I got the house (somewhat) organized and ready for our week.

Here's a little preview to our Monday:

Next weekend is Mother's Day. Most mom's will be planning a nice, quiet, relaxing day, but we're planning on another fun filled weekend getaway. Keeping my children happy keeps me a happy mom! I, and the rest of my family, are thrilled to be getting back to our outdoor adventuring. We haven't made too much headway on our Spring/Summer To Do List, but we'll hopefully be getting to at least one of the activities on the list next weekend.