Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco De Mayo

Around here, we're always looking for new daycare ideas. We take advantage of any type of celebration. On Monday we celebrated Cinco De Mayo, learned what we were celebrating, had a fiesta lunch, danced to a mariachi music, played instruments, and colored sombreros.

Max and I decorated the window. We found the Mexican flag at Nobbies for $1 and taped that in the window.
The kids colored sombrero cut outs (drawn and cut out by yours truly). This is Max's sombrero he colored-- he wrote the word "tono" (a completely made up word as far as I know) and claimed it was the Spanish word for taco. Notice he also drew a red pepper (that he called a red potato) and a chip with salsa on it.

The kid's Mexican food fiesta for lunch: homemade chicken tacos (recipe can be found here:, rice, chips and homemade salsa. The kids LOVED the salsa and put it on everything: their rice, tacos, and of course chips. While the kids ate, I explained to them what Cinco de Mayo is and why we celebrate it and read a short story about it.
After naps, it was Mariachi time! I set out the instruments, turned up the music, put sombreros on the kids, and let them explore. Some kids REALLY got into playing the instruments and dancing around (note Max in the right hand corner), other kids just played the instruments along with the music (they're still experimenting with all of our new instruments we got last week. Read last week's Week In Review for details and pictures).

We ended our Cinco de Mayo with a bedtime snack of chips and salsa. The large bowl of salsa was filled to the top at the start of the day. My Grandpa's salsa recipe is a hit in this house!

I wonder what we'll discover to celebrate next????