Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Muffin Party

Last week the kids informed me we were due for a muffin party. After questioning them for information about what a muffin party includes (other than muffins of course) and not getting many answers from them, I took matters into my own hands.

Monday was the perfect rainy day to spend our day making 4 varieties of muffins: raspberry, blueberry, lemon poppy seed, and cinnamon strussel muffins. The kids lost interest fairly quickly (they loved pouring in the ingredients and that was about it), so that left me in the kitchen baking lots of muffins all day long.

Tuesday morning was our muffin party. I wanted to do it on a morning when Harrison was home from school since it was his idea to begin with. I set the table, gave them one of each kind of muffins on their plates, made English breakfast tea and put it into play tea cups (I washed them thoroughly first), and put on their favorite "Muffin Man" song while they ate.

I was a bit shocked to see the kid's favorite muffin was the lemon poppy seed. I thought for sure it would be the blueberry or cinnamon muffins. 3 of the 4 kids LOVED the tea and had seconds (and thirds for a couple of them). While they ate they talked about the muffins: the flavor, which ones they liked best, the texture, and where they've had muffins before. I was going to read the book "If You Give A Moose A Muffin" while they ate, but I am so glad I didn't! Their conversation about the muffins was my favorite part of this "party." Instead I read the book right after lunch.

The muffin party was fun and a very filling morning snack. Any suggestions as to what our next party shall be????