Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pancake Party

Our muffin party was such a huge hit (and those that didn't get to participate in the muffin party were greatly disappointed) so we tried out another party: a pancake party! I spent my Sunday evening making four varieties of homemade pancakes. There was chocolate chip, sprinkles, blueberry, and strawberry pancakes. There was also tea, which my middle child insisted on having with the pancakes.

I decided to put the syrup in bowls on their plate and they could dip their small pancakes in the syrup. The kids loved the option to dip and I avoided the hassle of asking kids if they wanted syrup, cutting up pancakes, and then dealing with kids who realized they really didn't want syrup.....the "dipping bowl" was so much easier.

To go along with the 4 varities of pancakes, I made turkey bacon and turkey sausage. 

The kids LOVED the pancake party and ate a ton of food. Not surprisingly, the chocolate chip and sprinkle pancakes were the favorite. I was surprised to see that the kids didn't care for the strawberry pancakes because all of these kids love strawberries.

The only downside to these little parties is that I have to cook A LOT of food. The next party that was mentioned was a pizza party when school is out and all of the "summer kids" are here too. I'm really looking forward to that party because all I have to do is cook some veggies as a side and dial the nearest pizza place for delivery!