Monday, May 26, 2014

Week In Review: May 19 - May 23

It was a short daycare week due to sick kiddies. We got to spend some time outside, engaging in sensory play, painting, having a pancake party, and reading our new books. The other 2 days were spent outside, attending school activities, going to the park, and of course, doing yard work and laundry.

Here are the highlights from the week:

We tried out masking tape paintings. I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be really cool to try out with the kids. The paintings should look like this:
They turned out like this:
I failed to take into account how much paint little kids use while painting. The paint soaked through the edges of the masking tape (this is one of the better paintings). They may not have turned out as I was thinking, but the kids had a blast painting their canvas and loved the colors of the new metallic paint I bought at Michael's.
Oil pastels drawings .
The kids ate a TON of food at our pancake party. See full details here:
A favorite sensory activity: cooked spaghetti. Read full details here:
I caught them in a rare moment cuddling together voluntarily. 
Water table play on a warm day.

We had a busy Tuesday night and Wednesday with school functions. For details, read this:

An afternoon at Greenwood Park to celebrate Harrison's last day of school.
Playing "King of the Mountain."

The ants came for the Ant Universe. The ants got busy building tunnels right away.

Watermelon is a favorite morning snack around here!
Thursday I got an unscheduled day off (due to sick daycare kiddos). I have to say, it was pretty nice to have a day with nothing scheduled, nowhere to go, and nowhere to be. It was the first day in quite a while that the schedule cleared and we got to lounge at home. The kids kept busy playing restaurant, playing outside, helping me get Friday's activity ready, and raking the leaves plastered against the house.

Paintings with the metallic paints.
Friday's all day activity: "ice cream" shop. See post for details:
A picnic on the living room floor. We had to suspend our picnics outside because the kids wouldn't eat their lunches. They were much more concerned with the birds, an airplane flying overhead, a fly on their water cup, an ant crawling near get the picture.

Next week we will be playing outside, jumping in the bounce house, and the big sensory activity for the week: making mud pies!