Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

The three day weekend brought a bit of everything: lots of fun, a few tears, sick Miss E and hubs, but mostly extra smiles. We even crossed off a couple of adventures off of our To Do List. Friday night we went to the cemetery to visit Grandma Betty and Grandpa Brownie's graves (which is always followed by A LOT of questions) and fed the ducks at the cemetery pond. Saturday we went to the zoo and Union Park for our first carousel ride of the summer and ended our night with a sick Elizabeth. Sunday started with a sick hubby, a trip to the doctor, some errand running, but we ended our Sunday on a high note with attending my cousin's graduation party. Monday we went for a long hike at Jester Park and had a cook out at Grandma and Grandpa Sheaffer's house. I could have done without the sickness part of the weekend, but the rest was pretty fantastic. 

Here are a few of the highlights (that I managed to capture. I forgot to take pictures most of the weekend):

Feeding the ducks and they were totally uninterested! The kids were a little disappointed.

Saturday morning the kids and I headed to the zoo. The kids were thrilled to see that the rhinos were actually outside (every time we went last summer they were holed up inside).

Their favorite part of going to the zoo: feeding the fish. Max tried to pet on of the fish like he did last summer, but couldn't quite work up the courage. He informed everyone around him that "next time will be my time."

After an afternoon of errand running (just the 3 minis and myself--we won't go into detail about how "fun" that was....) and naps, we spent our evening at Union Park riding the carousel and playing on the rocket playground.

Run up to slide down.

After a night of getting sick, we were unsure of how Miss E would be feeling, but she woke up happy and with her typical attitude and appetite. Here she pouts when I told her to get off of the dare I get mad at her for being on top of the table she's not suppose to climb.
After good naps, we headed down to Cumming for my cousin's graduation party. We are so proud of her and the party was fantastic! Max got to play ladder ball before the storm rolled through.
Look at those cool clouds as the the storm rolled in. Good ole' Iowa thunderstorm.
Must have been some pretty awesome cake because Mr. Max ate his piece in 3 bites!
The graduate and me. My favorite part of the evening happened as we were leaving. I told the kids to go give out hugs and tell people goodbye. Apparently I needed to specify who to give hugs to because our oldest gave out hugs to EVERYONE (a lot of strangers that he didn't know!). Love my sweet, sociable Max.
We began our Monday with a long hike at Jester Park. We hiked a couple of new trails and went further along one of our favorites. I was shocked and so proud of our Miss E who hiked almost a mile and a half before her legs got tired (and then she required carrying which means mom and dad got an extra good work out).
Elizabeth insisted on crossing the creek herself.

They really do love each other!
Saying "yay! Hooray!!" for hiking.

Eating ice cream cones at Grandma and Grandpa Sheaffer's.