Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sensory Sandbox: Safari-land

Sensory sandbox round 2! You may remember our Dino-land sensory sandbox (read full details here: I made a few weeks ago. It was such a hit with the kids that I moved on to our next sensory sandbox theme: Safari-land.

For this one, I pulled out the Little People animals from their Little People Zoo home, grabbed the safari vehicle, and put them in the sandbox. This sensory sandbox was super cheap because we already had all of the animals, sand in the sandbox, and I used the jungle trees from the dinosaurs I bought.

The boys helped set up the animals this time around. They went a few steps further than I did with Dino-land and added water, grass, leaves, and a bit of dirt.

If you're looking to do your own Safari-land, I suggest heading to Toys R Us and looking through their Animal Planet selection. Animal Planet offers a good selection of safari/jungle/zoo animals, all at different price points (this is where I purchased the items for our Dino-land sensory sandbox).

Safari-land got excellent pre-approval ratings from my three minis. Hopefully this will keep the daycare kids half as busy as it kept my three this weekend!