Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sensory Play: Cooked Spaghetti

These kids love sensory activities. Even better when it's a sensory activity and they get to "play pretend." They've played with cooked spaghetti before (I dyed it rainbow colors the last time), but this time I added a bit more to their play:

The kids LOVED having the little kitchen in the actual kitchen and using it to "cook" their pastas. Typically the little kitchen is in the carpeted play area, which means I usually don't let them do sensory activities on the carpet. For this spaghetti play, I moved it onto the tile floor to see what the kids would come up with while they played.
For the most part they just enjoyed scooping the pasta up in spoons or using their hands, putting it in bowls, "cooking" it, and mostly eating it! At one point they began to play restaurant with it, but that didn't last long.

The biggest bonus: it wasn't a huge mess! I was quite surprised the kids were so tame with the cooked spaghetti and made it a pretty easy clean up. I fully expected to have spaghetti stuck to the walls and ceiling (which is usually how these things go), but there were only a few pieces of spaghetti on the floor and little kitchen at the end of play time.

The next big sensory activity coming up: "ice cream" sensory play!