Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mom Review: The New Playtex Sippy Cups

All 3 of my minis have used Playtex sippy cups. They've been incredibly durable, cute, insulated, easy to clean, lasted through all 3 kids and numerous daycare uses, good in price, and the most important feature: they didn't leak. I use to love Playtex sippy cups and would recommend them to any momma. Notice I said use to.

Last night I picked up some flowery girly sippys for Elizabeth and quickly threw them in the cart. I noticed a slightly new design on the outside, but noticed the biggest difference when I removed them from the packaging once we were home. The new insulated cups are made with sooooo much cheaper plastic and waaaayyyy less durable. I could literally squeeze the sides of the sippy cup together. I could probably have broken the sippy had I squeezed hard enough and I'm not a strong person.

Old cup, new cup
Old valve,
New valve

This may seem like a silly rant to some, but to a mommy, sippy cups are highly important! Especially when I paid $8 for 2 super cheap sippys. Just ridiculous. Playtex has also changed the valve system in the new sippys. This doesn't seem too bad, but definitely more flimsy than the previous valves. Also, the old valves cannot be used in the new version, which is very disappointing.

Thankfully we've got plenty of sippys to last us (and half of the neighborhood kids) for years. I'm just very disappointed to see our favorite sippy cup change all of it's great features. Sad day for sippy cup searching mommies.