Saturday, May 17, 2014

Week In Review: May 12 - May 16

It was quite the chilly and wet week, which meant that we spent a lot of our week indoors. But we had a lot of fun activities! The two favorites of the week were the Little People Wheelies mat that provided hours of playing cars and creating Little People towns, zoos, schools, and houses. The other favorite of the week was the muffin party on Tuesday morning. The kids loved this so much that they spent the rest of the week talking about what our next "party" could be.

Here are the highlights from the week:

The kids loved these large sheets of papers with heads on them. Some kids just scribbled and were so proud of their faces! Other's attempted to draw a face.

Lots of runny noses this week. The kids apparently felt that this pillow was the perfect place to store their used tissues.....and that pillow got a good washing!
The murder scene....otherwise known as our bath tub after the kids get done with bath painting. I personally love the toothbrushes that "are kissing" sitting on the edge.
LOTS of muffins for our muffin party! For details, see post:
The grow animals: a snack, sting ray, and dinosaur.
The kids painted wooden shapes (found at Michael's for .29 a piece).

They also painted wooden snakes (also found at Michael's, for $1 a piece). 
More paintings. Max grabbed one of the Create-A-Face pages and painted a Ninja Turtle.
We've been cleaning out the basement little by little when we find time. I finally talked the hubs into putting his baby poop color chair on the curb! I was a bit shocked that someone actually picked that thing up!
Eating raspberry banana "ice cream." This ice cream has been a big hit around here and it's completely healthy! Just freeze bananas, add in whatever other fruit you would like, add ice, blend, and instant healthy ice cream. The kids have requested watermelon ice cream for next week.
We broke out the water beads. Only Max would put his entire head in the beads.....and wind up with a purple face!
Two of her favorite things this week: climbing (on things she shouldn't be) and playing babies.
Riding the stuffed animals. The kids pretended to be riding animals through the jungle. Their imaginations keep me on my toes!
I've stopped planning activities for Friday mornings. Why??? Because it's garbage day and they spend the morning looking out the door.
These didn't turn out as I had initially planned but that's what happens when toddlers and preschoolers do projects meant for slightly older children. I still think these trains turned out cute.
The kids love bags--particularly filling them with toys and carrying them around. One of their favorite things is coloring bags (bought from Dollar Tree) with Crayola fabric markers and then playing with them.
We ended our week by dressing up with the costumes. Some of the kids were a bit unsure, especially of the masks, but all in all they had a great time going through the costumes and trying different things on.

"I see you!" Elizabeth said as she attempted to put on her infant sized costume. She settled for putting it on one of her dolls.
Harrison in his too small cowboy shirt (he skipped the vest because it was waaayyy too tight).
Max with his getup on....notice he has on Elizabeth's high heeled dress up shoes!

Next week we will be making watermelon ice cream and smoothies, having a pancake party for lunch on Monday, more painting (it's a favorite around here), a boat sensory bin, and hopefully, if the weather cooperates, some outside time. School is winding down for the year, which means in the next couple of weeks we'll be settling into our summer schedules, welcoming school kids back, and planning out our summer activities. Should be a fun week ahead!