Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wants vs. Needs Weekend

What I NEEDED to do and what I WANTED to do was the theme for the weekend. I really, really, really wanted to spend the weekend playing with my kids, goofing off around town, but I had soooo much that I needed to do. So I did a bit of both.

Friday night I spent in bed with a terrible migraine. I had a list of things I needed to do Friday night so we could get up and go Saturday morning, but that list was pushed back until Saturday morning. Our biggest challenge for the weekend (that took up most of Sunday unfortunately) was looking for a new tv stand for our new tv. I have very specific wants and needs in a tv stand: it will need to be solid enough to withstand 9 crazy kiddos running around, grabbing onto it, hitting, and I'm sure occasionally kicking the thing. We still have yet to find something, so we're still stuck with this:
Looks so fine, wouldn't you agree???

I still have a long list of things that need done. Simple things, like pick up bedrooms. I haven't put away clothes in our bedroom for 2 weeks......I should be ashamed to admit that they're sitting in a freakishly large pile on our bedroom floor, but shame went out the window the day I had children. This was the first weekend in a while that I really struggled with feeling guilty for not spending all of my time with the kids having our fun adventures. Honestly, I'm extremely lucky to miss out on that parental guilt because I am around my kids 24/7. The things that needed done around the house have been driving me crazy, so I chose the parental guilt of making my kids sit at home while I put in some time cleaning and organizing. There are many days I still can't believe how much I clean, organizing, pick up, and put away....yet one can hardly tell.

Despite my mixed feelings for the weekend, there were some good points too:

It was bird house painting weekend. For the past four years, Matt and the kids have built a bird house every spring. This year we decided to skip the building part, go for the pre-built, and let the kids paint them. Each mini picked out a bird house and spent a good portion of Saturday morning painting these.

The finished product! The next step will be to spray these so the paint doesn't come off in the rain. I had the kids use tempera paint because it washes out easier than other, less kid-friendly paints.
The kids got a fish Saturday morning. Elizabeth named him Bubbles (see "Meet the Newest Family Member" post for details and of course, more pictures). It is now Tuesday, and he's still alive and swimming!
We celebrated Grandpa Tom's 50th birthday and Uncle John's 56th birthday (although Max wrote 70 on his card, but we'll ignore that). The kids are getting in some candle blowing practice before June.
Playing hide n' seek.
Nothing better than videos on grandma's phone.
Someone did not want to go to bed Saturday night! None of the kids slept great Saturday night and with the time change, the meant a rough start to Sunday.
Green pancakes for breakfast....that no one ate.
Elizabeth was told to go sit in time out. Apparently that now means go sit in the freezer.
Max caught a cat....
My playtime for the weekend: walking around the State Capitol grounds. Such a gorgeous afternoon for an adventure!

I'm taking this as a sign of spring!
Waiting in line at Zombie Burger.

The theme for next weekend will be much different: SPRING BREAK!! We only have to get through this week (only Thursday for the minis) and then we have a full week off to play. I can't wait.