Saturday, March 1, 2014

Week In Review: February 24 - February 28

Here's a look at our busy, imaginative, fun, and messy week:

The kids colored their own puzzles. I found these in the dollar section at Target. I've bought plain puzzles from Learning Post before so the kids could color and/or design their own puzzle. I like doing these puzzles once or twice a year to see how the kid's skills have progressed. They always impress me!
Elizabeth learned this week that she can grab a step stool or kitchen chair to reach the counters. She's such a big help......(please note sarcasm).

Ninja Turtles bop balloons courtesy of Target's Easter section. The kids had a blast one afternoon with these while I was out of breath from blowing up 8 of these suckers.
We tried out a new play dough recipe consisting of hair conditioner and corn starch. Super soft dough and smelled wonderfully fresh. Clean up wasn't too mad either.

Green shamrock pancakes. Max informed me that we needed to start in on the St. Patty's Day activities, so these were first up. Apparently no retailers recognize St. Patrick's Day because we searched store after store for shamrock cookie cutters and couldn't find any. Thankfully my mother in law had one on hand that we are borrowing.
Bug painting.

Matt took Bup to story time at the library. She's only been to the toddler storytime a few times but she really got into it this time!
Big H hasn't been taking naps recently (no surprise since it's winter) but I do make sure he rests every day.
Every kid loves doing stickers.
Elizabeth going for a wagon ride.
Pop bottle painting.

Nothing like a little Dot painting.....that includes eating part of the Dot marker.
The kids made tambourines. I had them decorate two paper plates with Dot markers, put pasta in the middle, closed it up with pipe cleaners, and then the kids had a music day playing their new instruments.
Morning snack on Thursday: popcorn painting. Sweetened condensed milk, food coloring, paint brushes, and popcorn. The kids loved the sweetness of the condensed milk on the popcorn. After a bit, things got super sticky and messy, but that didn't stop the kids from polishing off the bowl of popcorn.

Eventually, the just started dipping their pieces of popcorn in the different colors of the sweetened condensed milk.
The kids had BIG imaginations this week: the hid from scary monsters (pictures), built towns using the little people sets, went to space, and spent a good two hours one day playing with the figurines. We have everything from super heroes to princesses to cartoon characters.They had some great scenes going with all of the characters.
Condensed milk painting. Their paintings took a few days to fully dry, but they turned out colorful and glossy. It was a very sticky mess (although clean up wasn't as bad as I thought it would be). You'll definitely want to pin back hair and have extra clothes on hand.

Dance party!
The kids got to enjoy a delicious chocolate cake that my mother in law made for my birthday. They were even more excited that I gave each of them a turn blowing out the candle, although they were then super confused about exactly whose birthday it was.
Fizzling Shamrock activity: I mixed baking soda, water, and green food coloring together, put the mixture into a cookie cutter, hid coins in the middle, and froze for about 30 minutes. I then took them out of the cookie cutters, mixture vinegar and green food coloring together, and had the kids put the vinegar on the shamrocks little by little. The more it fizzed, the closer they got to uncovering their "hidden treasures."

It's amazing how rich the kids thought they were when they found pennies hiding in their shamrocks! This activity was such a hit with the kids that next week I plan on doing something similar, called Exploding Rainbows.

Next week we'll be starting in on St. Patrick's Day activities, crafts, books, and games!