Monday, March 31, 2014

A Spring-Like Weekend

We got a good dose of spring this weekend and there are 3 minis who couldn't be happier about it:
Relaxing on Saturday morning. Friday after school was rougher than rough for this oldest mini, but a 6 p.m. bedtime and sleeping 13 hours left him in a much better mood! Saturday was a "Mommy and kids day" hanging out at home with cartoons and playing outside.

Saturday evening after dinner, we made our way to the Southside Sculpture Park. It was very interesting and a quick walk thru but the kids enjoyed the unique pieces.
Harrison knocking to see if anyone was in the "outside potty." Like I said, interesting pieces!

After the Southside Sculpture Park we took a walk through downtown to see the damage left by the Younkers building fire. Max was very worried "about the skywalk" when he heard about the fire downtown, so we wanted to show him that it wasn't ALL of downtown like he thought. Downtown was a sad sight and reeked of smoke. There were still several trucks spraying water at hot spots.
We walked around several blocks so we could get looks from different angles.

The EMC building across the street from the Younkers building. The windows and parts of the building were melted and peeling away in the wind.

A couple of videos from our Saturday:

Sunday morning started with sleeping in, a breakfast egg roll and cinnamon rolls. Neither were worthy of a picture but they sure tasted delicious! We then headed to Walker Johnson Park to enjoy the 70 degree day!

The kids LOVED the playground and it had plenty of slides. The biggest downfall is that from this angle you couldn't see the other side of the playground. I spent a good portion of my time giving Elizabeth a BIG push and then dashing to the side to keep an eye on Harrison and then running back to Elizabeth. All in all though, a very fun park!

These are the slides my kids can't wait for! Even Elizabeth was disappointed they weren't open yet.
This is a good size park that didn't feel overly crowded despite LOTS of kids playing. Harrison and Elizabeth happily discovered these little playhouses.

Elizabeth set herself up with her lunch inside one of the houses.

Little climbing boy--he got stuck a bit (he got himself unstuck and then rolled down the rest of the rope!), but he did everything he couldn't do just a few months ago when we went in October.
Playing at the park just wasn't enough outside time for these minis. Naps were refused and they spent the entire day outside. They kept refreshed and energy levels up with lots of strawberries....thank goodness I buy them in bulk!

Elizabeth just has to keep up with her brother's.....
Grilled pork chops, asperagus, and cous cous with peas for a summery picnic dinner.
Elizabeth insisted on peeling her own banana for bedtime snack. The kids ran hard and fast all day long with no naps.
I completed my goal for the weekend: finding a secure location for the sidewalk to make sure that the lid is on so more chalk isn't ruined by rain.
We're already making progress on our Spring/Summer To Do List! So far we've gone to Walker Johnson Park, the boys went to the circus, Southside Sculpture Park, mud painting, walk around Gray's Lake, and our flowers are planted (some are even beginning to sprout! See last week's Week In Review for details).

Next weekend will bring baby showers and if the weather cooperates, maybe a trip to the zoo.