Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Last of the Birthday Celebrations Weekend (In Pictures)

Cake for breakfast Saturday morning???!!!?? Why of course! Especially when there's two cakes that needed eating!

All kids love stickers. Easy entertainment....until I have to spend my night peeling them off of clothes, furniture, walls, and windows.
Creative Lego building.
Saturday morning the kids and I went to Franklin Avenue Library to see a few scenes of the Des Moines Playhouse's play "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing." Elizabeth sat quietly (thanks to her waffle), Harrison enjoyed looking around at the other kids more than actually paying attention to the play, and Max loved the play "because it's about a boy who has a horrible little brother.....just like me!"

Reading the play bill while we run errands.....one would think she's actually reading with this amount of concentration.
After naps (and movie watching for myself and the oldest mini), we headed to my parents house to celebrate my birthday with my Murillo family. Good times as always.
Yes, that would be my aunt wearing an arm tattoo.....
And yes, that's my daughter "drinking" a beer. She grabbed the empty can and said "oh, dada. Beer. Dada."
Best part of the night: Harrison asking my sister why she had white hair. When we tried to tell him it was blonde, he just smiled more and asked again why it was white. Still makes me giggle!
My sister and cousin. They did some awesome decorations for my party!
Sunday morning we went to Django for my birthday brunch (typically my birthday dinner but I chose brunch instead). Max and Elizabeth informed me they would like to go "here. Right here." Right here just happens to be a map of Paris.
My cute boys--love them!
My cheeser girl--love her!
The biggest piece of French toast I'd ever seen....and Harrison ate every bite.
After brunch, we burned some energy (and calories!) walking, running, jogging, skipping, and picture taking through the skywalk.

The boys and I spent Sunday afternoon running errands. Max picked out some fake roses from Dollar Tree. Earlier in the weekend, Max informed me he would like to go rose picking for Easter weekend. I told him roses wouldn't be ready to pick yet, so I made a big deal about him being able to pick out fake roses from Dollar Tree. This seems to have made him happy for the time being.
A Lil' Bup that wouldn't go to sleep Sunday night. She's trying to "help" me with work on my computer......that ended in her getting tickled and playing games.
As usual, my Sunday night was spent getting activities ready for the week ahead. When I grabbed the water table from the backyard, I was greeted with the heaviest and hugest block of ice I'd ever seen. Took a while to thaw it enough so I could pick it up, but I should learn not to leave summer toys out in the middle of winter. Oops!

Next weekend, the boys will be starting on their spring project: building a bird house condo with dad. Hopefully we'll manage to get one thing done on our Iowa Winter To Do List. Only a few things left to do, which means we're almost ready to roll out our Spring/Summer To Do List. Now if only Mother Nature would cooperate with that one!