Monday, March 3, 2014

30th Birthday Week

In our house, we make everyone's birthday extra special. The birthday girl or boy gets to choose something special to do on their day, what they want for meals, and/or where they want to go (my kids have been planning their birthday's in June since last August). The problem with me this year is that there were just too many ways I wanted to celebrate my 30th this year, I gave myself an entire week (actually just over) to celebrate. I did turn 30 after all, which is why I find this perfectly acceptable. This is how I celebrated:

Last weekend, we did a quick weekend getaway with family to Honey Creek Resort (see Weekend Getaway post for details). I had a typical work week, but my evenings were spent dining at some of my faves, having drinks, catching up with friends, shopping, a date night for our anniversary, and keeping plenty busy. I couldn't have asked for a better week with some of my most favorite people. (just a note: a failed to take pictures of many of my weekly shenanigans so I apologize to those who shared in those shenanigans for the lack of documentation)

Matt and I headed to Fong's to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. Back story: Matt chose the date February 29 to get married so he would remember it. He gets off pretty easy since we technically only have an anniversary every five years!
Strong drinks and delicious food: mac & cheese rolls, Fongolian Beef pizza, and raspberry cheesecake rolls. Holy tummy ache that was totally worth it!

The fortune in my cookie. I'll gladly take that one!
Quite a bit of celebrating this week. Tried several different Rita's--not surprisingly, I give a thumbs up to all.
Max made me a tie-dye cake for my birthday. Daddy helped a bit too.

Elizabeth had to get in on the stirring too.

My mother in law surprised me with my favorite chocolate cake on my birthday.I happily shared with all of the kids who were pretty happy about the cake too.
Since I had such a busy week, I was happy to stay home for our typical pizza and movie night. Delicious pizza from Jersey Guys Pizza, tie dye cake, put the kids to bed and attempted to watch the newest "Thor" movie. I showed my age by falling asleep fifteen minutes into the movie.

Notice all of the kids blew out my birthday candles instead of me.
As soon as everyone stopped singing and the candles blown out for the last time (we had to do it at least a dozen times), Elizabeth just dove right into the cake.
Way cool and yummy too!
Saturday night we went to my parent's house to celebrate with family. My sister and cousin made some awesome decorations for me!!
Nothin' celebrates 30 than homemade chicken tacos, chips, salsa, and guacamole. Again, another delicious meal!
The best moment of the night: when Harrison asked my sister "why you have white hair?"
I actually got to blow out these birthday candles! Then each of the kids needed turns too.....look at their faces, ready and waiting!
My sister and cousin Natalie--love these girlies!
I finally got my purse! I was one happy mama!
Sunday morning we headed for one last birthday celebration with the five of us: brunch at Django. I have a stomach ache from all of the delicious food I've consumed the last week! Light soups and salads are on the menu for this week.
My little loves after brunch. We took a walk around the sky walk after brunch to run off some energy.

Looking back on last week, I have to say I am one lucky gal and had the perfect birthday week!