Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Break 2014

We took a week off for the boy's spring breaks so we could have some fun and get some much needed things done. Happy to report our missions were accomplished! Here's a look at some of the highlights from the week:

First things first: deep cleaning all daycare items, all bedding, and deep cleaning bedrooms. Elizabeth was missing her favorite blanket and grabbed the doll blanket Grandma Sheaffer made for her babies.
On the decent weather days, we fit in long walks and playing on the nearby playground at the schools.

Max re-discovered Wii Sports Resort and became an expert sword fighter. During the school week (and most weekends), there's very little time for Wii playing, so he took advantage of his free time and played away. I love the Wii for the fact that it still keeps him active. Max taught Harrison how to play a few of the games too.
Surprise snowfall.....and we left the van windows open from the 50 degrees sun earlier in the day.
Sunday morning snuggles with a sleepy daddy.
Playing the Kindle while sitting in her stroller in the living room.
Sample Sunday at Sam's Club--my kids were thrilled and very full by the time we left! I was more thrilled to find cheap organic strawberries.
Family dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Harmeyer's house. The kids needed Aunt Jenny to read to them of course.
Monday was our St. Patrick's Day celebrating downtown. We started at the science center to check out the newly re-done Small Discoveries area.
Elizabeth LOVED the bubble area.

Part of the new Small Discovery area. It still has all of the favorites and added a grocery store check out counter, kitchen, and more nutritional related activities.
We had to go upstairs of the science center to see the snakes and turtles. We were fascinated watching this snake take a drink.
Harrison informed me he would like a snapping turtle for Easter.

After a brief stint at the science center, we made our way through the sky walk to watch the parade and eat lunch. I was thrilled to have the best Greek salad around at Gazalie's. My grandma Betty introduced me to the restaurant years ago and it's by far the best Greek restaurant in town.
Parade time! We were lucky to find a spot at the window in the Principal building so we could enjoy the parade from the warmth of the sky walk. The kids were thrilled to have one of their daycare buddies meet them at the parade.
Elizabeth had the best view from Daddy's shoulders.

Green pancakes dunked in maple syrup for dinner.
We made a Lego table for the boy's room. See 'Make Your Own Lego Table' post for details.
Tuesday morning Max and I woke up bright and early so we could package meals for Meals From the Heartland. Meals had a spring break challenge to package 1 million meals and we are proud we were able to help them reach (and exceed) their goal. Max did a great job and jumped right in. Check out:
A big thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Sheaffer for helping out with the younger two while Max and I were packing meals. Max came right home and made a presentation for his class so he can get his friends to volunteer next time with him.
The kid's favorite Pizza Hut buffet for lunch with Grandma, Aunt Jenny, and Aunt Cindi.
Of course we had to run to Walmart to purchase the movie "Frozen" the day it came out. The minis ate M & M's and watch "Frozen" twice while I packed for our getaway.

Elizabeth took it upon herself to empty her own potty and this was the result.
We thoroughly enjoyed our short getaway to Dubuque, Ia. See 'Spring Break Road Trip' for details and lots of pictures.
The first and second days of Spring actually felt like springtime! The kids were able to enjoy some time in the backyard, grilling, and walks.

Yes, this is my daughter dressed in pink and shooting at me with a play drill.
A windy walk around Gray's Lake--our first one of the season!
I LOVE this city!!
Max stopped to make a sword on the's amazing what kids can do with leaves and sticks!
Coffee date with my little loves at Caribou.

We found new sets of cookie cutters at a kitchen store in Williamsburg, Ia. The kids have been promised dinosaur pancakes this week.
We said goodbye to the train table (bitter sweet for me as we also gave away some of the trains to my nephew) and hello to the new "train" table. This is just one of our many projects and new pieces of furniture. Now to find some new bins to fit and we're good to go!
For the first time in 3 years, there are no frog potties in our living room! They are actually in the bathroom!
The new reading corner. We had a small bookcase in between the two pillows, but the kids had issues putting the books away properly and I have had the books fall on my toes too many times. The book sling seems to be much easier for the kids to just slide the books in. I plan on rotating the books out weekly so the kids have new books to read every week instead of every month like I did with the bookshelf.
Saturday was our quiet relaxing day. We went to lunch at I-Hop, a fun shopping trip to Target, naps, and a movie night.
A new book sling requires a few new books in it.
I was more excited about these than the kids. Elizabeth has a very impressive Disney princess Little People collection.
The kids having a dance party to "Best Day of My Life" for the hundredth time.
The kids wanted to see if Daddy could carry them all at the same time....
Our last day of spring break, the boys got another new experience: the circus! Max tried to get as many clown autographs as he could.

Playing around with the cotton candy.

The motorcycle man was Max's favorite.
The boys LOVED the circus (especially Harrison who could not stop talking about the 3 hour event).
Ending our spring break with a good scrubbing in the tub....and some shaving cream paints.

These 9 days off were much needed. Not necessarily for the break, but to get some much needed basic things done, have some fun around this wonderful city, take a short road trip, and get a start on our Spring/Summer To Do List. While the break was nice, I am honestly totally ready to get back to the day to day schedule, as are my kids. Have you ever heard kids cheer when you tell them there's school tomorrow???
We're all ready to jump back into things with a busy week planned. Spring is here and while Mother Nature is taking a while to catch up to the season, the kids and I are jumping right into spring activities. We'll be planting flowers and watching them grow, animal prints, canvas paintings, and mud painting.

Back to every day life!