Saturday, March 8, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Activities For Kids

Looking for crafts, sensory activities, paintings, and snack ideas ALL St. Patrick's Day themed? Look no further!

Fizzling Shamrocks with hidden treasure. Mix baking soda, water, and green food coloring. Use a cookie cutter for shape and freeze for 30 minutes. Take out of cookie cutters. Use vinegar (I dyed ours green) to paint the shamrock. The more the kids paint the shamrock with the vinegar, the more it fizzes. As it melts, the kids found their hidden treasures (coins).

Rainbow condensed milk popcorn painting. We did this one for morning snack. I used food coloring to dye sweetened condensed milk. The kids painted their pieces of popcorn, which after a while just became dunking each piece. The condensed milk made the popcorn extra sweet. I was informed by the kids that this was the best "sticky fun snack" they've had.
Shamrock pancakes for breakfast.
When I went to Michael's, I was sorely disappointed by their selection. So I improvised and grabbed several sheets of poster board and a shamrock door hanger that had different sizes of shamrocks on it. It took some time to trace and cut out the many sizes of shamrocks, but it was well worth my time. The kids used green and yellow (subbed for golf) dot markers.
Painted shamrocks with a glue, shaving cream, and green food coloring paint mixture. You may remember we used this paint combo (minus the green food coloring) to paint a snowstorm. This time I used slightly more glue and it only took 24 hours for the shamrocks to dry (last time it took 72 hours for drying).
Marshmallow Rainbow Pudding painting. A few of the kids were very unsure about this (painting with marshmallows and pudding is rather odd), but they wound up loving it! Especially at the end when I told them they could pick a color of pudding to eat.

Green applesauce is a favorite this time of year.
Rainbow "sand." 1 cup of flour, less than 1/4 cup of oil, and candy colors. The floor gets super messy during playtime, but it brushes easily off of clothes since it is mostly flour.

St. Patrick's Day Themed Rainbow Fruit Pizza
Lucky Charms--we don't buy these any other time of the year, so the kids consider this an extra special treat.
Stickers are always a hit with any age kid.
The kids got very colorful with the markers.
Green pasta for lunch.
Our game: "Where Did the Pot of Gold Go?" I had the kids decorate paper cups (covered in green construction paper first since the cups had animals on them. I then put the pot of gold under a cup, mixed the cups around, and had the kids take turns guessing which cup the pot of gold was under. After 45 minutes, the game was still as entertaining as the first time. How did I not think of this simple game sooner???

Rainbow shaving cream paints. Shaving cream and food coloring mixed together. I had my minis paint in the shower for easy wash off. Easily an hour of entertainment, I just had to remind them to keep it out of their eyes.

The kids have such a fun time with holiday themed activities. They've been having a blast particularly with St. Patrick's Day because we've been incorporating a lot of bright rainbow colors. I've got a few more activities for this next week that the kids will be doing, so check back as I'll update the blog at the end of next week.