Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sleep-In Sunday

Best part of this weekend: I slept until 9:30 Sunday morning!!! The reason: I was up until 2:30 with kids waking up on and off.  As a mom, those are the most dreaded nights, but thankfully, it happened when nothing was planned the next morning. After a busy Saturday with family in town, the farmer's market, strolling along the Principal Riverwalk, dinner with family at my grandma's, a late night catching up with family I don't get to see often enough, and then an even later night up with the kids, a sleep in day was just what this mama needed to rejuvenate!
A lazy Sunday morning led to a getting as much done as I can midday and a fun evening with my aunt's. Here is our weekend summed up in pictures, mainly because I have too much to do to write it all!

First thing to get at the farmer's market: coffee!! By the time we got to the market at 9:20, we had already been up a few hours, been to the bank, and walked the skywalk.
Max dancing to the music! As we walked through the crowd, Max would whisper to me which singers he liked and which ones he "wanted to go some place else and sing."
Fruit loop shots with the family.

Enjoying our fave farmer's market goodies in the shade.

Peaking at the river from the Principle Riverwalk.
Rainbow spaghetti, anyone??? In between laundry, picking up the house, folding clothes, cleaning the bathroom, getting lunch ready, baking cookies, pre-making breakfasts for the week, making the grocery list, feeding the cats, putting the kid's clothes away, and placing a Gap/Old Navy order, I cooked and dyed spaghetti noodles for lunch for the kids tomorrow and prepped activities/projects for the week for daycare. 
The minis with my aunt's.