Sunday, August 18, 2013

One Last Summer Weekend

This was our last weekend before school starts and we've successfully crossed all but a few things off of our Summer of Fun To Do list. We got to see the boy's best friends and we decided to go the fair Sunday morning. We haven't been to the fair in three years so it was fun to take all of the kids, but I've decided I'm definitely not a fair person.  Here's a few weekend highlights:

Saturday morning we hit up Colby Park for a fruit and donut picnic with the boy's best friends. These two little girls also happen to have been my very first girls I had for daycare. Even though the days of "Maxie and Georgie" are behind them/us, these four friends hold a special place in my heart. After a morning of running, playing, and eating, Matt went to work and the kids and I took naps. I was VERY happy to fit in a much needed nap!
Saturday evening was perfect for some backyard fun! We drew with sidewalk chalk, played chase, hit a few golf balls, and ended the evening with a run through the sprinkler! Our little Lily girl loves to be outside and watch her brothers.
Sunday morning started off too early. There should seriously be a rule against children getting out of bed before 8 am on a Sunday. However, we made the most of our 6:30 am wake up call and made it out to the Iowa State Fair.

The 3 took turns feeding the animals. This picture happened right before H freaked, screaming "he's gonna bite my hand off!!"

The boys loved it so much that they asked to go again. After the second time, they asked for a third slide down, but we talked them into going to the barns to see the animals. Harrison was worried the sheep were going to eat him so we ended up at:
The Fountains! This was a perfect way for the kids to cool down and run around.

Second best line from today, again, goes to Max: "ya know what we haven't had in a while? Ice cream. Doesn't ice cream sound so good and creamy...look! Look there! There's some ice cream right in front of us." We awarded the kids with some whipped ice cream due to Max's subtly.

Looking through our photos from this summer, I'd say we did a pretty good job of having fun and working through our Summer of Fun To Do List! The only thing left on the list is Adventureland (we've already made the plans for next summer when Lily girl can join in too) and Big Creek Park, which I'm thinking will be next weekend's First Weekend of the School Year Adventure.