Monday, August 12, 2013

Marshmellow Pudding Painting

Pros: Very little prep work, inexpensive, good for all ages.

Cons: Can get messy, some kids just wanted to eat it and didn't want to paint with it.

Make vanilla pudding as directed on the box or buy the pudding snack packs. Add food coloring for a rainbow of colors. I used blue, so when I mixed it with the yellow vanilla pudding it made green. The kids always enjoy "mixing colors to make new colors!"
I gave each child their own small bowl of pudding and two large marshmallows to "paint" with.

 When they were done with their works of art, they got to eat their marshmallows and pudding.

Fun activity for kids of all ages. The one year olds definitely got messy with it, throwing the marshmallows aside and turning it into pudding finger painting. Two of the kids didn't care about painting with the marshmallows and pudding and just wanted to eat it. All in all, the kids really enjoyed this sensory activity and did an excellent job with their works of art!

Max questioning why I only made one color, he felt his just wasn't complete without "three or four different colors."

What kid doesn't love having an adult telling you to play with your food!!???!!