Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sleeping Babies

Every mom loves it when her children are sleeping. Mainly it's the peace and quiet and time to herself, but every once in a while, when she goes in to check on them, she suddenly realizes just how big they have gotten. How sweet and innocent they look while sleeping. That overwhelming feeling of love for them. Last night was one of those nights for me.

My big buy Max. My favorite line of his today: "maybe we can get pizza tonight. Or, an even better idea, we can go to a restaurant and eat a huge, big pizza. We can sit down, get some drinks, talk a little bit....about Legos. I don't have the Star Wars Legos." I got the hint buddy boy.

My sweet cuddle bug Harrison (aka H, H Dawg). His new favorite things to say are "ugh! Why?" I told myself I would NEVER use the line 'because I said so' on my kids. Guess what? I used it at least a dozen times on this feisty fella.

My baby girl Elizabeth (aka Bup, Lily). My last baby is growing way too fast! Her newest interests are wearing my hair ties as bracelets, shoes, and sunglasses. She's got all of us wrapped around her finger and can throw the best tantrums this mama has ever seen (this is from someone who has thrown a few doozies herself).

So happy I was able to capture these memories. There's nothing sweeter than sleeping babes. As any good mommies know, the most important part of taking these pictures is NOT WAKING THEM UP! As I took these photos, I had my husband whispering in my ear "if you wake them up, you're dealing with them the rest of the night yourself." Just like most every other decision I make, I second guessed myself, but in the end, it worked out perfectly.