Friday, August 30, 2013

Week In Review: August 26 - August 29

It's been a short week with the kiddos but lots of fun packed into the four days! The weather has been soooo hot, like can't take the kids outside kind of hot. It's been an indoor fun kind of week. The kids enjoyed the typical painting and coloring pictures, wooden shapes, cut out shapes,  and doing stickers. They also enjoyed sensory bins, the Education Bin, making houses with the Magformers, playing vacation road trip (Harrison had them going to Kansas City and the beach this week), and having races with the Wheelies. Here's a look at our week:

The Education Bin is filled with all educational activites. It has small-ish pieces in a lot of the activities so if you have kids around younger than 3 years old, I recommend watching closely and help them with the activities. The kids have a great time getting everything out. The magnetic dress up people are a favorite!

The kids painted egg cartons, which will be turned into caterpillars when they dry. We've done this project a couple of times, but the kids really love their finished caterpillars! 

Max has had a great time with his first almost full week of school and is loving his new school and friends. I am so happy he can't wait to get out the door in the mornings, although the quick "bye mom!" as he's halfway out the door, as if I'm an afterthought, stings a bit. We had Harrison's meet the teacher night. He's pretty pumped to be in 3 year old preschool this year and has something of his own to come home and brag about. Elizabeth has been talking a ton, even trying to speak in sentences. She's hardly clear as she mumbles, but I've found the best response is "uh-huh, yea Bup!" Then if she gets irritated (usually by throwing world's greatest tantrum), I know that was NOT the correct response. Fall has always been a season of change, but I've never had it apply so directly to life than at this time.

 Harrison can't wait to play on his new playground! "It's mine!" he says.

The next few weeks will be transition weeks for the kids. Another semi-new kid starts next week (I've had this child for a short time in the spring and we're really looking forward to having him back!), several of the kids start preschool, and a lot of the kids are still adjusting to not having Max here during the days. So far all of the kids seem to be doing well with all of the changes and I'm sure within a couple of weeks this will all be the norm for them.

But before we start thinking ahead to next week, we've got a very fun four day weekend planned! Happy Labor Day weekend!