Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meet The Teacher Night

We had our first ever grade school Meet the Teacher night. I am pleasantly surprised by the school: there's only 19 kids in his class, everything seemed very organized, his teacher was very nice and I was very happy to see how she interacted with the kids (and remembered every child she had previously). The nervousness is still there, mainly because it is NOT a peanut free school and he's the only child with a nut allergy in the whole school! Instant headache for this mama. The other thing we're not pleased with is we learned tonight, two days before school starts, that his first day of school is an early out. This has never been posted anywhere on the school's website or information sheets, it was casually mentioned by his teacher as we left, and it was just posted tonight on the schools sign.

Despite this, we're excited for a great, promising school year!

LOVED seeing this on the gym wall in the school. This has pretty much been our motto the last several weeks!