Monday, August 12, 2013

Snack Ideas

When it comes to snack times, I am often at a loss as to what to give my kids or I find us stuck in a snack rut. So, here are a few easy and healthy snack ideas for those days when you're not sure what to give your hungry monster!

Cheese: string cheese or Sargento makes Mickey Mouse shaped small pieces of cheese that the kids love.
Crackers: I prefer to buy the whole grain crackers, but the kids especially love Cheez-Its Scrabble crackers and Gold Fish crackers.
Cauliflower: none of my kids or daycare kids are fans of cauliflower, but I put it on their plates every once in a while and sure enough they try it every time. I'm confident one of these times they'll try it and keep eating it.
Fruit cup: We buy the large Del Monte packs from Sam's Club. While it's not organic, it is packaged in 100% fruit juice rather than syrup.
Apple slices
Dole fruit freeze: found in with the canned fruit, these are ones you need to freeze yourself. These are a good alternative to popsicles as they are 100% fruit and a great summertime treat for the kids.
Applesauce: I am not a big fan of applesauce because it doesn't fill the kids up and has more sugar than apple slices. I don't serve applesauce often, but when I do, the kids tend to think it's a treat.
Watermelon: I like serving this summertime snack on hot days after outside time. Helps keep them hydrated after all of that running and playing!
Grapes: I like to freeze grapes and let the kids eat them when they're semi-dethawed. Makes for a good summertime snack after the kids have been running around outside.

Sample of today's afternoon snack: Mickey Mouse shaped cheese, crackers, carrot sticks, mixed fruit, served with water to drink.

Any kind of fruit in slices: Pretty much any kind of fruit cut into slices is a go! Oranges, pears, peaches, etc.
Summer sausage or pepperoni : I like to pair this with cheese and crackers for afternoon snack.
Veggie chips: I found these once in the health food section at Aldi's. No joke, Aldi's has an excellent and way inexpensive organic section! These were actually veggie chips with no additives. I haven't been able to find these since, but all of the kids LOVED them so if you can find them, rock on!
Simply Balanced Fruit Snacks: 100% healthy, 100% yummy! Healthier option for fruit snacks. I like to keep these in the diaper bag for an on the go option.
Cheerios: A baby's first finger food is still a favorite snack among the toddler, preschool, and grade school age group too!
Broccoli Slaw: Trader Joe's sells a pre-bagged organic broccoli slaw that the kids love! I often give it as a side for lunch, but I've also given it for snack time too. The kids call it their "special salad."
Snack Mix: Max is allergic to peanuts, so I like to make a Max friendly snack mix. Cheerios, sunflower seeds, Craisins, raisins, granola (must read granola packaging because sometimes it can be mixed with nuts. I prefer the Sun Valley 100% dark chocolate granola. Not organic, but peanut free and safe for Maxie), chocolate chips, and sometimes, as a treat, some M&M's thrown in. This makes for a good on the go snack or a decent morning snack for the kids.
Muffins: Pack em' full of fruit and oatmeal and you have a healthy mid-morning snack.
Popcorn: Not an everyday snack, but great for our special movie days. Don't get buttered and it's a tad healthier for the kiddies.

I'd love to hear any snack ideas other mommies have! I'm always on the look out for peanut free, healthy snacks for the kids.