Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our Uneventful Weekend

With a sick little girl and two exhausted parents, this weekend was pretty laid back. We've just been going and going lately, so a nice weekend at home was welcomed. While Lily Girl rested up, the boys spent most of the weekend in the bounce house, playing tag in the backyard, and building with their new Legos and Laser Pegs from our clearance toy shopping Friday night ( They did get to attend their cousin's birthday party, but that's as exciting at it got for them. I was surprised that the boys didn't seem to mind being at home this weekend. Usually by the time the weekend rolls around, they are dying to get out of the house and do something around town. They must have needed a weekend of rest as well.

Matt spent Saturday morning at Menards, finding some heavy duty shelves for the basement to put the daycare art and crafts supplies on. He did a fantastic job at finding something better than I had in mind and a decent price too!
Other than organizing the art and crafts, basement shelves, and the hall closet, I spent my weekend grabbing some fantastic deal for the kid's fall wardrobe, helping my aunt Cindi move into her new townhome, laundry, and getting the house ready for the upcoming week.
We ended our weekend with bubble painting ( and hair cuts for all 3 boys. Now that we've had a couple of days of "rest" we should be all ready for our busy, fun week ahead with family coming into town. Here are a few highlights from the weekend:

Elizabeth concentrating so hard on her coloring that she had to stick her tongue out!
We could tell Elizabeth was feeling a bit better Sunday morning when she looked out the kitchen window and exclaimed: "ooh, out! Out! Out!"
Sunday morning donuts made by the kids and myself
All 3 boys got hair cuts outside Sunday evening. Makes for easy clean up!
Harrison helped daddy with his hair!
H has it down!
Lookin' kinda naughty holding those clippers!