Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fall Fun To Do List

This was the first summer we've done a Summer of Fun To Do List and it was a huge hit with our family! We had an absolute blast this summer taking mini road trips, visiting zoos, hiking, farmer's markets, swimming, and more. The kids and I have decided to make a Fun To Do List for every season. Our list includes simple, fun, some free (and some pricey) family activities. Since we've worked hard on our Fall Fun To Do List, I would like to share it with you to give you some ideas

  • Pumpkin Express
  • Center Grove Orchard and Pumpkin Patch
  • Happy Apple Orchard: we are looking forward to some serious apple picking
  • Ledges: we've spent a good part of our summer hiking numerous trails at Jester Park and I'm pretty sure our kids are ready to do a trail at Ledges State Park.
  •  Hiking at Jester Park: the last time we were there, we discovered a new trail. Once the weather cools down a bit, we're looking forward to spending a day exploring!
  • Hickory Park/Pizza Ranch: after our hike at Ledges, I was thinking of heading to Hickory Park. Others in this household want Pizza Ranch. To make everyone happy, they're both on the list. Stay tuned to see who wins this round of "where should we eat?"
  •  Crockpot applesauce
  •  Carving pumpkins
  •  Baking pumpkin seeds from the pumpkins
  •  Trick or Treating
  •  Beaverdale Fall Fest
  •  The Grotto
  •  Make pumpkin cookies
  •  Go on a colorful leaf hunt and make collages: the kids had a blast with this project last year! I may do it with the daycare kids too since the boys loved it so much.
  •  Walking trail at Saylorville: On our way home from Big Creek, the kids pointed out that we had never been to the visitors center or Butterfly Garden, so it seems we now have plans to go.
  •  Zoo: I doubt we go to Night Eyes (the kids love it, I am completely against it and think it's a waste of money) but a trip or two to the Blank Park Zoo is inevitable the next few weeks.
  •  Honey Creek Resort
  •  Tanger Outlet: okay, so this one is mostly for me since the last time we passed through we didn't do much shopping. The Coach outlet seems to be calling my name!
  •  Fall/Winter Farmers Market: Capital Square hosts two, one in middle of November, the other in middle of December. We're trying to make it to the one in November since December is always a crazy month!
  •  Christmas shopping: so I know this isn't really a fall thing, but my goal is to be done with Christmas shopping by the time Thanksgiving rolls around so I'm not on a crazy toy hunt all of December. Then maybe the day of Thanksgiving shopping deals won't be so tempting.....
  •  Smokey Row: love this place!! Haven't been here in a while and it's very kid friendly.
  •  Make a new chili and a new soup recipe once a week.
  •  High Trestle Trail Bridge: we have yet to walk across it and I know the kids would love it! May be an excellent evening activity on a weekend.
  • Science Center: we got a Sci Center/Zoo combo pass but have yet to go to the Science Center (spending time indoors during the summer does not go well with my kids!). We have plans to make good use of our Sci Center pass the fall and winter.