Wednesday, August 28, 2013

3 Year Old Preschool-Here We Come!!!

Watch out world, Harrison James is starting three year old preschool next week!! He is so excited to go and have something that's just for him. We are trying out a different school this year and after our Meet the Teacher Night, I'm very pleased with our choice. The teachers seem great and I really like how they run their classroom (not much different than how I run my daycare, but different enough that it will provide some great learning resources).

At first I was uncertain if we should send him to preschool at all. Max never went to three year old preschool, does great in all areas, and is right on track educationally. However, Harrison lacks independence (something Max does NOT need help with). He has always been my clingy child. The child that when we show up at a park, he sits next to me for a half hour before he gets the courage to go down a slide. The child that would still rather be a baby than a big boy. After a particularly frustrating day with him last winter, I made the decision that he was going to three year old preschool. Not so much for the learning aspect, but for the socialization and to learn how and to want to do things himself. Just the build up to the start of preschool has brought out many of these qualities. We are so excited for his first school year!

Some encouraging words from mom. Harrison was rather overwhelmed by all of the kids at Meet the Teacher night.