Friday, January 6, 2017

New Year Weekend

Last weekend was rather dull for the five of us. With two of the minis still not feeling well, we had to keep things on the down low. Friday night the oldest mini and I went to my grandparent's Christmas, Saturday we lounged around home, Sunday Hubs and I had a Day Date and in the evening we saw family in town, and Monday was our "play day." A lot of Lego's were built over the three day weekend, a lot of Disney movies watched (and some Fuller House too), naps, and laying around.

A typical sight in the living room over the weekend. Blankets, pillows, puke bowls (for good measure), dry Cheerios, and movies.

Thank goodness Santa decided to change her gift giving policy this year and bought a lot of Lego sets. They've kept the minis busy since Christmas morning.

Early bedtimes on NYE. We totally used Netflix New Year's countdowns for the kids and let them toast with sparkling cider.

Hubs and I started watching Shameless (US version) and can't get enough of it. We spent New Year's Eve watching it and snacking on an array of appetizers (Lil Smokies, chips and guacamole, pizza bread, brownie dip, and veggie tray).

New Year's Day Hubs got his Christmas present. I got him tickets to Triple Espresso at the Temple Theater. First, we had a late lunch at Guru BBQ. We had plans on going to another restaurant, but we were shocked at how many restaurants and bars in downtown Des Moines were closed that day. We didn't have many places to choose from, but we love Guru and were pleased with our lunches.

LOVED the show! I can't believe we haven't seen it before now.

After being home ALL week the minis were angry at us for leaving them "to go out" (to our play). When the play was done, we picked them up and went to my grandparent's house again to see family that was in town. By the end of the night the minis were exhausted but happy to have been out of the house!

Thankfully we all had Monday off so we could have at least one fun day on Christmas break. Our Fun Day included donuts and Tasty Tacos, browsing at Barnes and Noble (and successfully spending all of our Christmas gift cards), and seeing the movie Sing.

Thankfully everyone seems to be feeling better for this weekend! I'm still a bit upset that our Christmas break was pretty ruined by sick minis, but we plan on making up for the "no fun week" on the upcoming weekends!