Friday, January 20, 2017

3 Day Winter Weekend

Last weekend in a nutshell:

Friday night - dinner at Tavern, a stop at the book store and Target, pulling a tooth.
Saturday - brunch at Star Bar, rollerskating, the crayfish shedding, seeing Rogue One (finally!), and cake baking.
Sunday - Cake decorating and birthday partying at Gilroy's for my father-in-law's 75th birthday.
Monday - Stay home day because of the ice storm (we were supposed to have a Des Moines Fun Day because the minis didn't have school for MLK Day).

Here are some pictures:

They suddenly love onion rings.

The vest that she really wanted, Dad said "no!" yet somehow she ended up wearing it out of Target (after paying for it, of course).

Practicing her writing with big brother Harrison.

Trying to pull his loose tooth....with a Nerf Gun! Read the story here.

All of the minis did fantastic but I was very impressed with the two youngest, who insisted on skating by themselves with very little help. Elizabeth would only skate on the carpet (but wanted me to stay behind her) and Harrison was doing great until he fell and hit the bottom of his chin. Great exercise and energy burner for all!

No locks on the bathroom stalls....

We came home in between rollerskating and the movie, where we discovered the crayfish shed it's shell. The thing turned green last week and stopped eating. I was (silently) thrilled it was dying. Turns out the thing is growing...

Everything she insisted on bringing to the movie. We talked her into leaving everything but her doll and blanket in the car.

So, Hubs and I have tried to find the time to go to Rogue One on our own, but time is a precious thing. By precious thing I mean we don't have enough of it. The boys wanted to see it too, so we all just went and hoped for the best. Turns out, Miss Elizabeth enjoys Star Wars too! 

"Don't take a picture of me mom! Ugh....okay, you can but quick."

I spent Sunday morning decorating my father-in-law's four layer cake. the minis were obviously huge helps. After the cake was decorated, we got to chat with my sister and brother in law while the minis ran around playing Star Wars. The oldest mini asked us to tie his hands with a scarf......we didn't ask and happily obliged.

After naps and a quick run to the grocery store for supplies (due to the impending ice storm), we went to Gilroy's for a surprise birthday dinner with nearly the family. 

We went back to "grandma and grandpa Sheaffer's....I don't like it when you call them in-laws" (Harrison, age 6 1/2) for cake and ice cream and playing in the rain.

The boys had races outside just as the ice storm was starting.

We woke up to an icy world Monday morning. I had taken the day off months ago to have a mom and minis day (also known as our Des Moines Fun Day) but it became a mom and minis day at home. They pretty much destroyed the house (read about that here). We had a stellar brunch and played the rest of the day.