Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Look At Life (From Last Weekend)

I love to that we have a (fairly) well documented thanks to the blog (bonus that it keeps you all entertained as well). While pictures are great, sometimes videos paint the best picture of life. Here's a few videos I took throughout our weekend:

Hiking with Lil Miss E is NEVER dull!

The minis were playing Power Rangers as we walked along the trail. The pretty much ran our entire 2.5 mile hike.

Pulling out the tooth with a Nerf Gun WORKED....well, kinda. The tooth is gone and that's all that matters. Apologies for ending the video with an "oh shit," as we temporarily lost the tooth. Luckily there was no freak out from the mini about it (just from me).

The minis played Old Maid half of the day on Sunday! Mom and dad even got in on a couple of rounds (not seen in the video).