Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Birthday Celebrating Weekend

We love our weekends! Everyone was healthy so we all got to play! Friday night I took my sister out for her birthday (read about that here), Saturday by day we relaxed by night we celebrated my sister's birthday with family, and Sunday we went bowling. While we all love bowling, our past bowling attempts as a family were rough. This time went very smoothly and was very fun!

Here's a few pictures from our weekend:

My dad (unbeknownst to me) taught my daughter how to make Birthday Cake martinis. They were delicious!

Hubs won, the oldest mini came in second (no I really didn't let him win, I just bowled a horrid game!), then me, and the youngest two tied.

Staged picture so no worries.

High fives for knocking down a pin.

My Sunday night ghostbusters (they're actually playing Ghostbusters....the girl version, not the boy version).

Next weekend we'll be having LOTS of fun too plus it's a three day weekend!