Monday, September 29, 2014

Day At The Pumpkin Patch

We took some time out this weekend to go to Howell's pumpkin patch and tree farm in Cumming, IA. I really like this pumpkin patch, friendly and helpful people working there, and the activities they have for kids of all ages. I found an awesome deal on Groupon (check it out, I believe it is still available) for admission for 4 people for only $19 (it's typically $8 a person). We more than got our money's worth after spending 3+ hours riding ponies, shooting corn, playing on hay bales, pedaling tractors, getting lost in a corn maze, and of course, picking out our pumpkins. Our day was full of fun, a few bug bites, and tired minis afterward!

We made apple cider donuts to go along with our Pumpkin Patch Family Fun Day. They were delicious!

The boys loved taking turns shooting corn!

The corn pool is always a hit. The boys took turns burying each other in the corn.
Playing in Kiddieland. There were things to ride, rubber duck races, Make Mud Pies area (complete with a wooden kitchen to "bake" the pies), hay bales to climb, a giant slide, and more.

Elizabeth loved the little pedal tractors. Max was too big and used the tractor track to run laps instead.

Despite looking from above to check out the corn maze before we entered, we still got lost for a bit.

I had planned on not getting any pumpkins from the pumpkin patch because I didn't want them to rot before we could carve them for Halloween. Naturally, the minis talked me into not one, but three pumpkins.
At the pumpkin wash.
My favorite part of the day happened as we were leaving. Notice Harrison is holding a small pumpkin and a nearly empty water bottle. Meanwhile, Max carried the cameras and a water bottle. I was holding Elizabeth and 2 water bottles and the Hubs was carrying 30 lbs. of pumpkins. Harrison asked me to carry his water too and I said no. He then turned to us, angry, and said "you can't expect me to carry everything for you guys!"
Hubs being a pumpkin carrying trooper.

Last year we had a not so great experience at another local pumpkin patch, so I was thrilled to go back to this trustworthy pumpkin patch. The last time we were at Howell's (which was three years ago) I didn't think there were a lot of younger kid/toddler aged activities, however (I believe) they have added a number of things that made me change my mind. This pumpkin patch is great for kids of all ages and has just the right amount of activities that those with young kids don't feel overwhelmed (which was a big issue for us at the pumpkin patch we went to last year). I was also happy that all of the activities were decently spaced out and there weren't long lines for anything. There's also several tractors running out to the pumpkin patch, making it so there's very little to no wait times for pumpkin picking.

We do plan on visiting another traditional pumpkin patch later in October without all of the money sucking activities. Last year's bad pumpkin patch experience left me not wanting to go to another pumpkin patch again. However, Howell's excellent Groupon deal and great visit made me change my tune on pumpkin patches. Not only were we pleased as paying parents, the kids loved our visit to Howell's as well. If I get another great deal in the future, we will definitely be going back.

Have you visited a pumpkin patch yet? Which one is your favorite? Please do share so I can put it on my list to try out on of these years!
Proud to be an Iowa girl!