Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall Scented Paints

The daycare kids painted leaf cut outs with fall scented paints. So easy and added to our fall activity list. Bonus: we've never done these before and the kids did a great job painting!

I traced this leaf center piece from Dollar Tree (I failed to find what I was looking for at Michael's and got creative) onto poster board. This entire craft was only $6, including the paints that we will use for our other fall crafts this week.

 The scents that we mixed in the paints.
Orange=Pumpkin Spice
 My mixers. The kids LOVED smelling the paints. A few of them they requested "more sceners so it's more smelly please."

 And then the painting. I was interested to see how sticky the yellow (honey) was, but it went on smoothly and easily.

The fall scents were faint against the paint smell, but the kids really enjoyed mixing them into the paints and painting with "new paints." I'll definitely be keeping Scented Paints in mind for more holiday arts and crafts. Such an easy way to spice up simple paintings!