Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Toilet Paper Roll Ghosts

Looking for a super simple Halloween craft for your little one? Toilet paper roll ghosts fits the bill....and they can also double for Halloween decorations afterward (this scored big points with me because I rarely have a chance to decorate before Halloween).

All you need for this craft: empty toilet paper rolls, masking tape, white paint, and a black Sharpie marker.

Start by covering one end of the empty toilet paper roll with masking tape (the only reason I used masking tape is because it was handy in the junk drawer and can be painted on).

Next, the kiddos paint them with white paint. It can take a few coats of paint to completely cover up the brown holders, but these kids didn't seem to have a problem as they put gobs of paint on anyway. Let them air dry once completely painted. Our's took about 6 1/2 to completely dry.
 After the ghosts have dried, use the Sharpie to draw a ghost face.

The kid's favorite part of these: making ghost noises into the toilet paper roll made them nice and loud!

When the kids were done making their ghost noises, we put their toilet paper roll ghosts in the window "so they could scare the mailman."

Stay tuned for more easy peasy Halloween crafts and activities from the daycare kids!