Monday, September 22, 2014

A Weekend Of Festivals

There were so many great things going on around Des Moines this weekend! We made time for two of our favorite fall happenings: the Beaverdale Fall Festival and the World Music and Food Festival. The minis don't sit through parades the best (we always have to leave before any parade ends) so we decided to be in the parade for the middle mini's school. We had a great morning, rested up late in the afternoon, and had a full night of riding the carnival rides and listening to band plays.

 Photo bombed by the Hubs!

 I'm not sure if it started as snuggles, but it ended with a friendly reminder from me not to wrestle on a moving vehicle!

 After the parade, we grabbed a bite to eat and listened to the Isiserettes play.
 The dragon ride that "went too slow for us."

 The dragon ride and little vehicles weren't fast enough for the boys, so I took them on the Sizzler. It was the fastest ride they've ever been on. I heard Harrison screaming throughout the ride and I worried it might be too fast for him. When the ride stopped, I took him out of his seat, and he began jumping up and down as he shouted "I want to ride that again!!!" He talked the rest of the night about how next summer he will be able to ride roller coaster at Adventureland.
 That blur there? That's Max, H, and me.
We ended our night at Jersey Guys Pizza (one of our fave pizza places) and took home an entire pizza for the mini's "bedtime snack."

Sunday morning we were able to make it downtown to the World Music and Food Festival and sample new food, meet Hello Kitty, and watch bands and dancers perform.

 Our first vendor stop included a sweet eggroll with banana and a Siopao pork (steam bun). Both were sweet and delicious.

 The pork pupusa was our favorite. It was unbelievably delicious!

 Korean tacos! We inhaled the Bulgogi Beef Taco. Hubs and Max loved this taco.
 They put a sweet salsa on it.

 Purple passion rice from Cafe Fuzion's stand. 
 This is pretty much how the minis were any time we wanted them to try something. I'm remembering this for next year so Hubs and I can come alone!

 This is where we tried fried alligator. Well, so Hubs ate it. I attempted to take a bite, but since I'm super picky about my meat, I couldn't stand the texture of it and started gagging. I'm sure it was a fun sight for those watching.

 Pretty much the only thing the minis would eat: mini donuts. Sadly, my minis recognize this booth from the Farmer's Market and greeted the people working with a friendly "hello."

Bread pudding. We've had this dessert numerous times (although nowhere makes it quite like my grandma does), but Hubs had to try it out.

 Love, love, love Des Moines!

 The minis got to meet Hello Kitty and even had a discussion about "Ninja Turtles" with her.

Our last try for the day: Sirnica (cheese pita). I didn't love it (too much cheese for me), but Max loved it and wound up eating most of it.

Leaving the Festival and taking a quick walk around downtown Des Moines.

I love when Des Moines has these wonderful events happening and we get to partake in them! The Fall Fest is a yearly event we love going to and seeing all of our friends, old neighbors, and old classmates. I was fairly pleased with the World Food Festival too. Hubs and I love to try new foods, but we're somewhat limited as to what restaurants we can go to due to Max's food allergies. There were only a couple of vendors we couldn't eat at because they had used peanut oil or had nuts in their dishes. Most vendors were allergy friendly/aware. 

We love, love, love our weekend adventures, but this weekend wiped all of us out. Next weekend I'm looking forward to a relaxing Saturday at home (and by relaxing I mean a day where I don't get out of my jammies until after nap time, but still have to do just as much work as any other day). We'll also be visiting our first pumpkin patch of the season! Yes, I did say first and not only pumpkin patch! I love all of the sights, sounds, and events Iowa offers this time of year!