Monday, September 8, 2014

Simple Apple Trees

I've spent some time on Pinterest lately (shocking right???) trying to find new fall activities and crafts for the kids to try out. I found some fantastic stuff!!!.....if I had kids that were old enough to cut well and use glue properly. I need something simple that two and three year olds can do themselves, with minimal help. I feel stupid handing parents something their child did, when it was me who spent the most time on it (therefore it should go on my refrigerator, not there's! says the child in me). So I came up with Simple Apple Trees. 

My oldest son and I drew tree trunks and branches for the kids.

Then I had the kids paint the leaves on the tree (or as I put it to the kids "make the rest of the tree for me" and had them look out the window at the trees in the neighborhood). This is what I got:

 It took 24 hours for some of these to dry.

The next day, I had the kids finger paint the "apples" onto their trees. I had to help a few of the kids (they didn't want to mess their's up) and a few of the kids got creative with their apples.

 Elizabeth drew a rather large apple that fell off of the tree.

These Simple Apple Trees went right along with our fall theme for the month. This was the perfect fall art project for younger kids and they turned out really cute!