Monday, September 15, 2014

A Visit To The Fire Station

Sunday morning we went to visit the Monte Burr Memorial outside of the Urbandale Fire Station No. 42 (read more about our Memorial Visit here: As we were looking, someone walked out of the fire station and said, "when you're done, knock on the door and the firemen will give you a tour." So we did. And we got our very own, in-depth tour of the entire fire station (we were informed it was a slow Sunday).

The fire crew from the airport was out training and we got to witness it. Harrison got scared at the firefighters in their gear and requested that they not come too close to us while we spoke to them. Kind of cool to see the firefighters and trucks in action when there's no actual emergency happening.

The kids were allowed to climb and explore all of the fire engines, tools, and ambulances. 

Harrison was shy and sticking close by my side until our friendly firefighter guide Michael asked the minis if they'd like to hold some tools. Harrison quickly rushed over to the ax and exclaimed "give it to me!"

It should be of no surprise that all three of the minis have sudden urges to be firefighters for Halloween. The boys informed me that they need all of the gear: the oxygen tanks, big boots, and face masks, "will that be a problem for you to get all of that mom?" The boys even took it up a notch and played firefighter all afternoon at home.

Definitely a day to remember!