Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pumpkin Snow

The kids needed something to do the last hour of our day, so I quickly searched our cupboards and came across the baking soda first. I mixed together a good amount of baking soda (I failed to take pictures of this as I had 7 little helpers with the mixing), cold water, orange food coloring, and pumpkin spice. I mixed it together with my hands and got: Pumpkin Snow. 

I made this "snow" numerous times last winter for our snow sensory play days (read more about one of our first expereinces with this "snow" here:, but this was the first time that it kept the kids entertained for a full hour (a few kids even more than that)!

 I set out the Halloween cookie cutters so the kids could make shapes with their snow.

 The kids loved making shapes and crumbling the snow into "snowflakes."

 So, this is a messy activity, BUT it cleans up super easy (or so says the Hubs who has kitchen cleaning duty every evening). It washes off hands, faces, hair, and ears with just a bit of water and doesn't hurt clothing at all (I just gave most clothes a quick brush off with a towel). My six year old loves this stuff because "it's just the right kind of messy" as he informed us all. Bonus: it's simply baking soda and water and is safe for the youngest of kids who may try to sneak a taste (and yes, that happened today too). This was such a hit with the kids, that next week we'll be trying out Apple Snow!