Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Apple Scented Shaving Cream

Fall activities are in full swing here at daycare and I've been trying to come up with some new ones (more from my own boredom with the same ole' fall activities than the kiddos). I wanted a new sensory activity and realized we haven't used shaving cream for anything for several weeks....and then my light bulb moment: Apple Scented Shaving Cream.

Beyond easy to whip together, it only requires 3 things: shaving cream, apple pie spice, and red food coloring. Perfect, perfect, perfect!

It smelled like a cross of shaving cream, apples, and cinnamon. Not a horrible smell, but I wish it had smelled more like apples.

I put the shaving cream on a plastic table (1.) easy to hose down when done 2.) won't stain), put the kids in their swim suits (easy to hose off because they tend to get their whole bodies into playing in the shaving cream), and let them have at it. One child tasted it (that one would be mine) and told the other's that it didn't taste like apples.

 An up close look at the specs of applie pie spice in the shaving cream.

As in the past with our other shaving cream sensory activities, the biggest downfall to using dyed shaving cream is that it also stains the kid's skin easily. It does wash off after a good scrub with soap and water. Another thing to be aware of when using shaving cream for play is that it stains things easily: cement, wood, it can take paint off of a wall if not wiped away quick enough, and can stain tile if left on too long (yes, I have experience with all of these oops). I have never had an issue with it staining clothes. I'm just happy it was warm enough out to put on the swim gear and hose everything and everyone off after playtime.....it made for a super easy clean up!